About us

Silver Coast was founded in 2010 and since that time the objective of the surf school has never changed. The cornerstone of our philosophy is to provide the best quality of the surf lessons powered by truly professional surf instructors and up to date gear.

We are specifically focused on doing our best for you to receive the happiest experience of learning process. We like to be different in details starting from the small but very important things as washing the wetsuit with an eco labeled product before giving it to you and finishing separating the group by sub levels and choosing the best surf spot for the moment to go.

We are very proud of our reputation and our goal is to have you back in our school again and again till you reach the point of confidence based on your raised surf skills that will allow you to go by your own.

Meet the staff

Gonçalo Caldeira

Gonçalo is a head coach and one of the managers of Silver Coast. He realized that surfing is his biggest passion here, in Peniche, when he was 18 and he hasn’t stopped searching for perfect waves ever since. Later on, in 2006, he became a professional surf coach certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation. Gonçalo dedicated his life to teaching surfing forever after. 

He appreciates all manner of student: from those who has never tried surfing before to ones looking to improve their surfing technique. His main focus is to give a once-in-a-lifetime experience of surfing to every student.

Rui Baptista

Rui is our youngest teacher and one of the best surfers in the house. Native to Peniche he is the most local of our instructors and forever attached to his native waters. All smiles, always friendly, easy going with good vibes Rui earned himself a “Baby Roo” nickname and a reputation of an experienced and caring surf instructor.

Even though he’d learned to surf as a kid, surfing became his passion only when he turned 16. After that, in 2014, he started teaching and has been enjoying sharing the stoke with all clients ever since. Rui can teach you everything you need to know whether you want to simply give it a try or are looking to commit to being a PRO. His favorite surf is a late one, after his studies, with 4-5 foot perfection, gentle offshore and no one in the water.

Paulo César

Paulo is all about surfing, living and breathing the sport. He loves discussing important topics like rip currents and then cracking a joke to lighten the mood. He's won state and national sailing and windsurfing titles, surfs almost every day, and has been an exceptional professional surf instructor since 2011. 

Paulo is our best in making you laugh and catch the waves of your life. Very patient and methodical, Paulo loves it when you ace your best wipeouts. He is always in an amazing mood and makes sure everyone has an epic experience while surfing.

Marina Klimenko

Marina fell in love with surfing right here in Silver Coast back in October 2013, and she has been hooked ever since. The best advice she ever received was "Don't let go of your board", and she's lived by those words ever since. With her expertise and encouraging spirit, Marina feels most at home analyzing wave conditions atop the cliffs or catching waves in her beloved pink wetsuit. 

One of Marina's favorite things about teaching is introducing new students to surfing and watching them fall in love with the sport. She exudes enthusiasm and energy, and we're still trying to figure out where she gets it all. If we ever do discover her secret, we might just bottle it and sell it for a fortune! 

We are also pleased to announce that on the 7th of May 2023, Marina became the Ukrainian women's surfing champion!

Ignacio (Nacho) Farias

Nacho's passion for surfing began in 2006 when he first picked up a surfboard. Over the years, he has honed his skills and become a seasoned instructor with over a decade of experience. Despite seeing many students come and go, Nacho remains dedicated to the sport and helping others improve their surfing abilities. 

He takes great pleasure in seeing his students progress and reach new levels of ability. Nacho believes that anyone can learn to surf with the right approach and attitude, and he is committed to helping his students achieve their goals. Nacho's teaching philosophy is centered on having fun in the water, being patient, and staying focused. He understands that learning to surf can be challenging, but he encourages his students to enjoy every moment in the water, be prepared for frustration, and be brave enough to continue.

Elena Medvedeva

Her very first wave Lena caught in 2012 in Portugal on Guincho Beach. However, her true passion for the sport emerged after surf camps in Morocco a few years later. Her first visit to Baleal in 2015 immediately captivated Lena, and she even changed her return ticket several times to continue enjoying the place. Surfing brought Lena not only joy but also amazing friends. She prefers to surf at dawm with friends, and her favorite spot is Almagreira.

At the age of 20, Lena promised herself to live by the ocean, and she fulfilled that promise by moving to Portugal in 2022. In Silver Coast, Lena handles lesson and accommodation bookings and can often be found at the school reception.